Shall I blog?

This is so hard!
Always wanted to have a blog because honestly I talk way to much to the voices in my head, I mean I talk to much In my head.
Although in person everyone will agree that I’m way too quiet. I’ve got my reasons for that, but that’s a story for another time.
I have just been afraid of starting a blog, not only because I suck at spelling. But also because I kept thinking “what’s the point, no one is going to read it” And that’s when I realized, well that’s just perfect! I get to write everything I want to and no one is going to say a thing. It’ll just be llike my own private yet very public diary.
Now, I don’t write a diary, so this is not going to be it. I mostly talk about music and running and musicals and running. Not much more.
I love music and musical theatre, I’m a Broadway addict “jazz hands!”
And to tell you the truth the running part of my so called life is what brings me here.
I have just signed up for my very first MARATHON!
I’m excited and scared, mostly scared. Specially because if I don’t snap out of it I will set myself to failure. Yeap, I’m a huge procrastinator and if things go the way they normally go I’ll wake up October 1st and be like “hey, I’m running a marathon in 27 days!”
So this is where you come along, if there is anyone reading this…
I need you to hold me accountable. I’m going to blog about my training and my run log. I have to keep up with my healthy eating choices. Can I run faster if I’m slimmer? Guess we’ll find out. I need to get much-much faster.
So do it! Be a pain! I might hate it, but if I know there is someone out there checking on me I won’t just wait until October.
Specially if you don’t believe I can do it, I will prove you wrong and make you eat yourd words!
Ok, I just sounded a bit mean there, I’m not that horrible of a person, I think ;P
SO here I go… I’ll give this blogging thing a try.
Promise to have a better flow of thoughts next time, but I really talk like this: I’m all over the place, ha!


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