Lets get this training started!

OH boy what have I gotten myself into!
I found a beginners training schedule:
19 weeks first of reasonable mileage and 18 weeks after that, of mileage that scares me just to look at it.
I’m supposed to be in week 7 right now and I’m already 65 miles behind, kick me in the head now!
Of course there’s no point to cry over something that can’t be undone. SO I’ll just be looking forward and making it right this time.
Is not like I haven’t been running. In those 7 weeks I have completed 48.2 miles. That includes two half marathons:
Disney Princess – Orlando, FL
Rock’n Roll USA – Washington DC
But I had not run since my last half marathon in March 16th until yesterday, when I was barely able to complete 3 miles.
It’s so easy to get out of shape!
Of course it’s now only Tuesday, so why can I add more miles for the week?
Has to do with my jammed packed schedule. I work two jobs and I do a lot of fun stuff as well. Not complaining, if anything I’m grateful.
But somehow I need to find more hours in a day. I could easily do so if I run in the mornings rather than after work… I’m not a morning person!
I love that saying “I ran in the morning before my brain knows what I’m up to” ha! I want to do that!
I’ll be in trouble 3 days out of 7, because I get home from work between 11 and midnight. So there is no way I can wake up at 5 am to go for a run. Can I make it work 4 days a week?
I normally run 4 days a week but in the evenings, of course it’s easy to skip those runs if you have any fun plans after work.
Yes I can come up with tons of excuses, sorry.
Guess time management is something that is quite needed to accomplish a training plan, as well as willingness of course.
Those people who get up early for a run and never skip a run, are my hero. I want to be just like them!

I’m runing the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler this coming Sunday.
I love big races, so I’m looking forward to it and I’ll come here and write everything about it ;P
And yes! I’m going to do it with not much training, so wish me luck…


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