Cherry Blossom Ten Miler (about a week ago)

Such a procrastinator πŸ˜€

I did so well, I’m so proud of myself!
To tell the truth I was a bit worried because I had not trained and my last half marathon was a horrible pace.
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and I was going to be bused out because of being so slow.
So I was scared, but I had told myself over and over again that I was going to push it, and I did!
PR for a ten miler, yay!
I did notice how flat this course is, loved it! I did not struggle at all. There was one hill right at the end (why is it always at the end) but that was it!
Other than that super flat πŸ˜€
Tons of cheering all over the course, it was great!.
Unfortunately the Cherry Blossoms where not there. I think I saw one tree that had bloom. Thank you (not) mother nature!
From all the long distance races I’ve done (10-13.1 is long distance?) this is the most comfortable I’ve ever been. I think there is hope for me!
I might actually be able to get better…

Note to self:
Keep all the gear together the night before! I left behind my GPS watch and my metro card.
Invest on good headphones, the cheap ones break when least expected.
I think you can move up a corral girly, you are no longer the last corral πŸ˜€

Power Song: My songs know what you did in the dark – Fall Out Boy



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