9+1= a dream to come true

Excuse my loud excitement…

I signed up to the 2014 NYC Marathon lottery and of course I didn’t make it in. As I found out later the odds of getting in via lotto are crazy slim. I consider myself lucky, but not that much! So I decided to create my own “luck”
I have joined NYRR.org and I will be completing their 9+1 program! It might not sound like a big deal, but I leave in Northern Virginia. So we are talking about 10 DC to NYC trips in 2014, ouch!
So far I’m two races down and I’m completing my volunteer shift this Saturday.
I guess true worthy experiences can only come with hard work and patience. I’m gonna be sick of bus rides, but that will make finishing that marathon even sweater.

One of the races I selected is the Bronx Ten Miler. I will be running it with “Team For Kids” please visit this link to learn more about them and if possible help me support them with a small donation (just a tiny little one will make a huge difference)


I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts sharing my 9+1 experience and my training towards NYC Marathon 2015 – so freaking excited!!!!!


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