Just checking in!

I wrote “2014 Races!” back in November 2013 and I have to admit that I have not follow thru very well ;P
This is a good moment to tell myself “shame on you” and also put out there “in writing” what is to come.
The reason why I’m writing this is to hold myself accountable and hopefully (if someone is reading this) have “you” follow up on me as well.

On that little blog I had planned to run for Thanksgiving and New Year’s and I didn’t do it. But my excuse is that races sold out before I was able to register.

However I did complete my Tinkerbel Half Marathon! What a blast! It was a fabulous first visit to the west coast. Disney races are always so magical, even with a 5 am race start.

I planned a Valentine’s race and that didn’t happen. Let’s say that I ate chocolate for valentine’s instead of running. Things have been bad in the eating department. I have gained a lot of weight and have not trained at all for my races. I need to change this ASAP.

I did complete the USA Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, as I had planned. Those are two races that I will not miss for anything. Even if I barely finish them. I also completed the More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon my first race in NYC. I only did it to run it with a friend that lives in New York. This was before the NYC Marathon lottery that I lost.

After losing lotto I decided to complete the 9+1 NYRR program. I have completed two races so far and my volunteer shift.
So here is what is to come! For which I must start training and not just show up to the race:

8/23/14 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K
9/6/14 Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope
9/28/14 Bronx 10-Mile Team For Kids
10/5/14 Grete’s great Gallop (13.1)
11/1/14 Dash to the finish line 5K
11/23/14 Race to deliver 4M
12/6/14 Jingle Bell jog

Can I improve with every race? Yes I can!
I must train, I must train, I must train.

BTW to add to the list I have also to complete the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, Army Ten Miler and the MCM 10K.
So it’s not lack of races. It is lack of preparation and motivation I guess.
To top it all off I have registered to the Disney World Marathon in January 2015 so just call me crazy!


So I might start writing a bit more often to check in on my progress, even if it is just to talk to myself LOL

PS: I’m half way to my fundraising goal, please help me out Team For Kids

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