6 months to NYC… must start training!


I started this blog to begin my first marathon training. Well that was back in 2013. Many races have happen since then and to be honest I have gotten worst rather than better. The reason is simple, I don’t train! I happily show up to the races and hope to finish in one piece. This has to change! I have a marathon coming up in 6 months, and not just any marathon: it’s the New York City Marathon!

So do I have a plan this time! 

  • Started my healthy eating this week and I’m doing great. Super motivated to keep it up. Not only to be healthier and better fueled, but also hoping to shed a few pounds, get slimmer and run faster.
  • 24 week marathon training starts May 18th yay! I’m using my Nike+ Coach for this, schedule looks kinda scary but I know I can do it! They say it takes 21 days to stick to a new habit so I just need to make it that far and I’m good to go!
  • I have also register to running training at my local running store. 18 weeks of of long runs is what I call it. I need them to push me on those long runs, can’t run a marathon without long runs in my training.

So there it is, my marathon plan! Of course now I have to fulfill the plan otherwise is just a bunch of none sense words. 

6 months!!! Freaks me out when I think about it…

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