Week one fail!

I started with a bang, a fun 5K in Ocean City, Maryland but it was down hill from there…  

I really enjoyed my pizza and beer for breakfast ha! And that jump started a really bad “eating” weekend. I did cleaned up my act over the week. But guess what I didn’t do? I DID NOT RUN AT ALL! I’m just way over my head. I have an awesome plan, but I’m so used to my lazy life that is going to be a challenge to change. Much harder than expected!

This is what I call “mucho lirili, poco lerele” means too much planning but not much doing! Gotta start actually DOING! They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so here is where I challenge myself: get up early for a run for 21 consecutive days. Is so much harder to commit to it after work, gotta do it early in the morning, I guess I must!

Here goes nothing! I’ll be checking in every day, kinda to embarras myself if I don’t do it. Every time I skip a run I will have to reset the count… 21 days here we go!!

Going for a run now! 


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