So far doing ok…

3 days running, yay me! Only 18 more to go, oh boy!  I’ve been posting my runs on Instagram #21DAYS 

Day One was such a bummer! I went out for a run after noon, it was so hot! And I also picked quite a hilly road, so I did oh so poorly. I was hoping for 3 miles, but that did not happen! 

Day Two had me smiling! I had already decided that I was going to run just two miles, but I was quite surprise to see how much better I did! 

Day Three was really disappointing. I overslept so I had to run just a mile if I wanted to make it to work on time!

Let’s see how I do tomorrow… To plan for success I have already layed out my running clothes for the rest of the week LOL 


Now if I could only make myself go to bed earlier, ha! 

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