A week went by!

What a challenge this has been… I began the week doing not so bad and then I just started slowing down (read that in slow motion) slowing down… I guess I’m just tired. Haven’t been sleeping much, I’m a night owl so I can’t make myself go to bed before midnight. But hey! I got up every morning and run! 

All my runs are posted on Instagram at @andrea_va #21DAYS just to make me accountable of not skipping a run, because if I do the countdown starts all over again! 21 days to build a new habit.

Since I’ve been dreading getting up in the morning I had to find a bit of motivation, retail therapy motivation. So I hit the discount stores Marshall & TJ Max (aren’t they the same thing anyway) and I got some new running pants  All of them original prize $78 and I only paid $15 what a deal! Two black ones since they go with everything, but not just plain boring black, they got flowers! And one to wear with all my navy blue running shirts, for some reason races love to give you navy blue shirts, don’t they know how hard navy blue is to coordinate?

Yes, yes I am one of those runners that plans running outfits, it’s fun! 

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