Day twelve of 21!

Not trying to jinx me here, but I think I’ve got this!!! 21 days to build a habit and I’m over the hump, yay me!

Now I wish I could just jump out of bed every morning and have the energy to run 5+ miles, I wish! It’s more like: drag myself out of bed, take forever to get dressed (because my body is not so sure about this whole running so early yet) Then I hit the pavement and I tell myself “ok, today I’m going for four miles” but I find myself turning around when I hit the mile mark. It’s definitely a battle within myself! I just keep telling the little voices in my head that it will get better. It’s going to get better, right?

Baby steps for now… my Nike+ Marathon training has started. Monday was a rest day and I did a mile, Tuesday called for 4 miles and I did 2 (oops) which bring us to today Wednesday I had to run 3 miles and I completed them! The weather totally cooperated since it was cool and sunny, perfect combination!

I do much complaining, but the truth is that I’m having a blast! I just can’t wait to get stronger and faster and to run 5+ without hurting. I wish I could fast forward time and see the results. Not necessarily to skip all the tough parts, but to have a picture of the improvement. To know that all of this will pay off. 


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