NYC “runcation”

So close to complete my 21 days and guess where I will achieve my goal? Well of course, NYC! 

While I’m here on vacation I will run every morning. Of course I had to bring an extra big suitcase since I had to pack two sets of clothes. Running clothes, regular clothes. Bet the front desk personnel at my hostel thought I was a little over packed for six nights ;P  My first run was from my hostel downtown by SoHo to Times Square. I dropped my bags and I had to make it to the Theatre District to get tickets to a Broadway show. It was quite a funny coincidence that I run up Broadway. I had to complete two miles  which was really fortunate. By 36th Street I had finished the two miles, I stopped my watch, started walking and then the mob of people going to Times Square appeared. 

For my second run in the city I was not so fortunate avoiding crowds. I had chosen to run in Coney Island. I woke up a bit late, Sunday was a long day. I took the metro to Coney Island and so did half Manhattan, because of course is Monday Memorial Day, everyone is heading to the beach… My run thru Coney Island boardwalk was a live action Frogger experience. But I completed the three miles I had scheduled and then I enjoyed some relaxing time sitting at the shore of the beach. Kinda awesome if you ask me!

Where should I run tomorrow? 

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