NYC runners heaven

Do you know there are running trails for as long as Manhattan is? So freaking awesome!

You have to walk towards the water on the west side, so it took me a while to find it. It was nothing like I expected, having for only reference as a running trail the W&OD (you should google that) I was looking for a tiny trail in the middle of trees. It was more like a never ending boardwalk with the exception of some small portions where you had to look out for traffic and some other sections you had to look up for tourists.

My first time in the trail, the West Side Highway Running Path, I started from the level of my hostel down to where Battery City Parks starts

turn around and up to the Intrepid!

 That was five miles in what you can tell by the clear pictures was a very sunny, warm and humid day!

The running path continues but I called it a day there.

The next day I started at a very exciting site, just trying to get a glimpse of what it will be to start the NYC marathon come November

The Staten Island Ferry šŸ˜€ from there I run thru Battery Park to the West Side Highway Running Path, where I have started the day before. 

For my next run I started at The Intrepid and up I went. I never finished the whole trail, I mean it looks like it goes forever. Can’t wait to run NYC again!


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