I’m fashionably late to this! But I’m signed up and ready to exercise all month long!

After completing my 21 day challenge to set my “new habit”, guess what happened? I ran on day 22, day 23 was a rest day and I totally skipped day 24! My first missed run in 24 days! What is wrong with me! I had to run 3 miles that day ): for my Marathon training, I owe 3 miles to my coach…

So don’t ask me how I run into Juneathon but it was heaven sent! A new little challenge to help me continue my Marathon training 😀

Today it called for 5 miles, I almost made it (treadmill shuts down after an hour) Yes I know I could have restarted it, but 4.87 in a treadmill is quite a boring long run. So now I owe my coach 3.13 miles, oh boy! But I’m doing this! First run of Juneathon done! 28 more to come!


6 thoughts on “Juneathon 

      1. Awesome! My boss ran it last year (his first marathon) and said it was amazing. NYC has a special place in my heart so maybe one day I’ll do it.

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