!#@*%!! may I curse in my blog?

Not to worry the swear words go directed to me. I’m completely messing up Juneathon!

Last week called for 20 miles. I skipped so many runs I just made it to 13I guess is not so bad since at least I did something but it’s just not enough…  

Friday I was so proud of myself for running right after work! A short lovely run at the W&OD But Saturday I did not go out to run. Saturday! the day I have the most time to run… I did put on my running clothes, I just never made it out the door ):  At least that convinced me that it was good investment to sign up for “running training” starting 6/20. I will have to show up to my long Saturday runs. I paid for it, I’m not going to just waste the money. I was seriously thinking of canceling it and running on my own on Saturdays ha, ha, ha! good joke Andrea.

Sunday I did run a little yay me! But the new week so far has been a let down. Not waking up early enough to run before work and always finding an excuse not to run after work!

Day 10 is tomorrow, I can still rock Juneathon for 20 days! So let me say goodnight since I should be sleeping already!@*%£#!! ;P 


2 thoughts on “!#@*%!! may I curse in my blog?

  1. Hell yeah! Take a tip from us Irish and use ‘feck’. We have appropriated this word (as we do with others from the English language). Or perhaps that should be misappropriate. Feck is a semi-polite version of another four letter word we won’t mention here in polite company. But it’s a handy one to pull out of the kit bag.
    “Ah feck it, my shorts are in the wash”
    “Ah feck… I left my runners at work”
    That sort of thing!

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