You are running your own race

So I completed my first group run and it was awesome! Silly me panicked for no good reason. It was a very slow six miler but I did it! 

 I joined the 12-13 minute mile group, a group of pretty cool ladies I must add, and they kept me in a great pace for the first 3 miles. I was pushing it more than I was comfortable with. When it was time to turn around they stopped to rest for a minute but I kept going. I slowed down my pace and they passed me. But now my goal for next week is to keep up with them for all the run. It’s 7 miles next Saturday!

I’m not completely out of my skunk though. I had a “rest” day Sunday that continued on Monday and Tuesday, argh! Plenty of excuses to make: the heat, the rain, whatever… the case is that I’m not completing my training as I should. I will feel it Saturday for sure! I should run at least 3 times a week, running just on Saturdays won’t cut it. So once I feel like dying during those 7 miles I’ll finally get it! I need to run more often duh ;P

For now baby steps, next goal 7 miles and I’ll go from there. I told my coach how worried I was to join the group because of my slow pace and what she told me was what I badly needed to hear: I’m running my own race, there will always be faster people than me, slower people than me, people still in bed after I finish my run and people who will love to trade places with me. I had to pretend I was not almost on tears while listening to this, but coach is right. I’ve got this! 



9 thoughts on “You are running your own race

  1. Just started running with a group myself last week and have my third group run coming up tonight. For me, it’s been a huge motivator to stick to the training plan. I assume everyone else in the group is getting all their runs in and I don’t want to show up at the next group run unprepared. Provides that extra lil kick in the butt I need. šŸ˜‰

    Hope you have a great 7-miler next Saturday!

  2. I think there is a lot to be said about group runs – A chance to be sociable in an otherwise, relatively, solitary past-time. Keep it up šŸ™‚ and remember there is always someone else who wants to slow down too.

  3. Wonderful…keep running it’s really worth it. You really help people when you are honest about having trouble with motivation. Your far from the only one who has a handful of excuses. Keep up the good work and keep putting in the miles!!!

  4. Running with groups can be intimidating the first few times, but I’ve met so many great people from running groups. Though the latest group I’ve been going to give me anxiety every week, they are to touch feely for me!

    Don’t worry about keeping up, just get the miles in…remember you passed everyone sitting on the couch!

  5. Never say “It was a very slow six miler but I did it! ” when you’re marathon training.

    Just say “I completed my six mile training run tonight – another tick against the training plan for NYC in November”.

    Remember training is not racing. And slow is not bad when you’re trying to build aerobic fitness.

  6. The comparison trap in running, but basking in your own successes and milestones is way more gratifying! I was always worried to join running groups thinking I’d be the slowest before, but last spring I joined a group to run my short runs (4 miles and under) and it kept me on track. I also paid for a training plan through a running coach and that really helped me stick to my plan.

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