No ice cream for you!

Second group run! So proud of myself that I actually showed up! You see, it’s been raining since yesterday, non stop… The group was half the size it was last week and I was one of those who did not stay in bed under the blankets on this gloomy rainny day, yay me!

I did 7 miles and it never stopped raining! I actually did better than last week. Last week was a horrid summer day. Rain is just water, a bit of water never hurt anyone, but heat! now that is painful! 

Today I also had register for The Ice Cream Race but after 7 miles of arguing with the voices in my head I decided not to go. It made for a really good conversation: “I’m already wet, might as well keep going. Or I could go just pick up my shirt, but I can’t wear a shirt of a race I never run. I already run 7 miles, I deserve some ice cream, ha!” Anyway, it made my run go faster and by the time I was done I plugged the race address to the GPS. It was a 30 minute drive, so that’s what turned me down. I think this is the first race ever I have not showed up to. Once I had a terrible cough the day of a 5 miler. I did one mile and had to stop, but I did show up. Well there is a first time for everything.

I still want some ice cream though…  


5 thoughts on “No ice cream for you!

  1. Good for you! I always find that I run better in the rain. I can’t do 7 miles though haha.

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