Here I go again…

Less than four months to the NYC Marathon! I’m cutting it so close!!
July is here and I have to, in a way, START my training. You could say I started in May, but considering my lack of running lately, I honestly need to start all over again!!! For the past four weeks I have only run once a week. Why is it so hard to get out that door?! Like yesterday for example, I had the whole day off. A hard thing to come across when you work two jobs. All I did was lay on the couch watching one movie after another…

I wish I could say today, TODAY I’m going for a run, but that ain’t happening, for a bunch of lame excuses not worth to list. So as a good procrastinator I will say tomorrow, TOMORROW I will start my training all over again!


Not to panic, 4 months is not much, but it’s better than nothing, right? I have even found a “bare minimum” training program. I know that I’ll do better than that, but at least I won’t be scared just looking at the mileage, ha! I’m ready for this! No more delays, no more excuses. I have my long run tomorrow, hoping for 8 miles. I have my Running Bug app ready. I have my regular training program to follow and my bare minimun one just for when I need a confidence boost. I know I can do this! Yes I can do this!


9 thoughts on “Here I go again…

  1. I find the trick is to walk through the door, and get changed into running gear straight away. Don’t even pause on the sofa. Or better still, take your kit to work and get changed there and go running before even going home. Don’t let procrastination spoil your training plan!

  2. Andrea, you just need to make a conscious and intentional decision of whether you’re going to make running a part of your life and well integrated into your schedule or not. If so, then make it so. Everyone here is going to be waiting to hear about your run tomorrow. Show everyone here that you want this.

  3. I went through a running rut last year. I dropped out of one marathon a month before then skipped one I had planned on doing. Sometimes you just need to take a break. The previous year I had over down it with 18 races. After ‘taking off’ a year and came back and started the running streak. I picked 4 races I wanted to do in December and that was my plan for the year. Good luck!

  4. What training program are you using? I am using Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Marathon plan. It’s 4 runs a week, though sometimes that feels like a whole lot. Good luck šŸ™‚

    1. So many LOL Potomac River Running Training Group has 3 exercises a week plus the long run, the Nike + app has me running pretty much every day. I found a bare minimum training plan for the NYC Marathon back in 2009, before you had to pay for it I guess. Also have the Galloway plan for the WDW Marathon, but that race is in January šŸ˜€

      1. I LOVE Disney races! I’ve never run a marathon before, so I was holding out on signing up for Disney. Maybe if it’s still open as I get farther into training, I’ll sign up. I do want to do the Glass Slipper Challenge during Princess Half Weekend. I’ve run that half course 3 times as well as Tinker Bell and Disneyland halfs in Disneyland. If you’ve never done one, you’ll love it!!

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