8 thoughts on “Slow but done!

  1. Hey there! thanks for stopping by! I see that you’re a runner. I’ll be running Bronx- 10mile in September and that will be my very first run. I’m slacking. 😦 I don’t know if I’m supposed to run everyday. I tried running 2 days in a row and my legs gave up on me. :/

    Followed your blog. Definitely need it for motivation. I hope you follow back. I’ll be posting more fitness related posts soon.

    Thanks again! Do follow me on my social media accounts as well.
    Instagram & Twitter: aislinnpaula

    See you around and godlike with training!

  2. Well done. That’s a big run for someone who hasn’t done much recently. Don’t worry about the pace – it’s not race day. By all means throw some stops or walks in there to make it easier. Marathon training is about building up time on feet. It gets easier and less daunting the more you train.

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