OC “runcation”

First day back to work after my little beach vacation. I had a blast in Ocean City, Maryland and the best part is that I actually run while I was there!

I arrived Monday night and woke up early Tuesday for my first run 

 It was so humid!!! Not excessively hot, but super humid!!! It was nice running at the boardwalk.  Saw lots of other runners, some that passed me, some (very few) I passed and the humidity made out for a good sweat!

 My second morning was a late morning and that was a big mistake. It was so hot! I think I melted some of my jiggly parts… that’s a plus actually! On vacation is hard to go to bed early. I mean, it’s not a very fun vacation if you go to bed early ;P 

 Which made my third run the hardest! Not with much sleep but I did it… the weather actually cooperated since it was a little cool. Time to plan my next “runcation” 😀 

4 thoughts on “OC “runcation”

  1. “I melted some of my jiggly parts” made me bust out laughing. GO YOU! Getting it done while on vacation AND while it’s hot. rock on!

  2. I was on vacation in the dominican republic, and while i didn’t run as much as I should have, I did run. It was HOT HOT HOT and so so so humid!

    High five for running on vacation. I think we’re both pretty cool for doing that!

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