Another Monday is here! Crazy how time flies. Only 14 more Mondays before the Marathon! 

 The daily countdown is down to double digits now! Which makes my report of last week’s training even more shameful. I was planning to run before work and I did not wake up early enough any single day. I’m so mad! Billions of excuses I could give, but the fact is that I didn’t “want” to get up and that’s about it.

My runs completed last week were Tuesday: 4 miles, Saturday: 10 miles and Sunday: 2 miles. I had scheduled 12 miles for Saturday’s long run but I did not have a good morning.  

 I went to the movies the night before and had way too much popcorn, way too much! I woke up with an upset stomach and (this might be too much information) I wasn’t able to use the bathroom. So I knew it was going to be a tough run. I know for a fact that I’m not the only runner that gets their tummy “functioning” while running. I could write a whole blog about this LOL we could call it “Pee, poo and toots of a runner” So anyway, I had to cut the run short. But I did run 2 extra miles on Sunday that I had not scheduled. Still not enough miles and runs for the week. I’m a little (a lot) behind on my training plan and cutting it very close to Marathon Day, so I need to start to take this seriously! 

   I had already plan for this week, still trying to get my runs before work I was going to commit to two miles in the early am, not a big commitment, but an easy way to get used to being an early bird. Guess what? I didn’t get up this morning! So I have to rearrange my plan, let’s see if I can complete this:
· Monday: 4 miles

· Tuesday: 4 miles

· Wednesday: 2 miles (early am)

· Thursday: 2 miles (early am)

· Friday: Rest

· Saturday: 12 miles

· Sunday: 2 miles

Truth is that Wednesday and Thursday I work all day, so if I don’t get up early, those two days will become Rest days. Will see how this goes…


6 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. You still have a while to go and plenty of time to get the miles in the legs. And remember quality over quantity is what matters when it comes to the number of runs per week. Enjoying reading your blog, I can relate to it.

  2. “Runners trots” are the wooooorst. I like to plan my long runs with a few bathroom options en route (even if it’s just a dreaded port-a-potty). They don’t happen every run, but when they do they make running impossible!

  3. I have to wake up 2 hours at least before I run and get things moving if you know what I mean! Makes those early morning runs nearly impossible unless I wake up stupid early!! So yes, I can relate. But with this heat, it’s definitely easier to run in the morning. So much conflict! You have plenty of time to be marathon ready, sometimes you just have to work with what you got, especially this early in a training cycle. All the best!

  4. I’m like Martha, I get up extra early so that I can go before I run. And I also know where a million accessible bathrooms are on my routes. I can’t believe the marathon is getting so close. People keep saying I have plenty of time to train and I am not exactly behind but I feel behind. You’ll get there. I hope you’re able to get your morning runs in.

  5. Andrea – the 2hr26 is great. It’s more than enough for a long run. Like I said last week, forget miles, work in minutes.

    You seem to be trying to cram and make up for lost training – suddenly your intention is to do six consecutive days of training. That will lead to overtraining given your lack of recent training.

    Think in training blocks of two and three days so that you end up running five days but with rest days nicely interspersed. In each of those blocks look to do a long or faster session with the other ones being an easy-paced, get-me-round run.

    I like that you’ve downscaled Weds and Thursday to 2-miles. Definitely better to get out for 20-30 mins than not at all (but if you’ve run the Sat-Tues, then ditch this Weds and commit to doing Thurs then leave Friday as a rest day).

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