Oh boy! Never say “never again” because then you will just mess up big time…

Not going to whine anymore about not running enough because it can always get worst! Like last week, when for the first time in 8 weeks I skipped my long run, sad face and moving on! To punish myself I’m going to hit me where it hurts the most: my wallet 😀 I have registered to the NYRR virtual trainer. The official 12 week plan for the TCS NYC Marathon! I have only 12 weeks to the marathon! This plan is designed for me, running the days I can run and running as far as I can. Looks good so far!  


Monday: 3 miles Regular Run done! Tuesday: 5 miles Intervals (1.5, 5×800,1) I actually did 7×800 and with the little walks in between that was 4.1 miles, I’m still learning this intervals thingamajig Wednesday: 4 miles “As You Feel” (I feel it will be slow) Thursday: Flex Day or Day Off, since I’m working all day it will be a Day Off Friday: Day Off Saturday: 9 miles Long Run Sunday: Day Off
First week schedule is free, I haven’t paid for the rest of the program, but it looks really good to me. I’m doing it!

And talking about spending money I also got new shoes! I did the whole running store experience: run on the treadmill with the camera at your feet so they can tell you what are the best shoes for you. I know I needed to invest in good shoes. But we never discussed price, so when I went to pay for them I was a bit surprised. I still haven’t wore them, I have 30 days to take them back, so cheapster me is still debating if I should take them back ha! I do need good shoes, all my current ones are hurting! I also looked over the internet for the same kind of shoes and I have paid the right amount, is not like they overcharged me. I just never got good running shoes before… and I call myself a runner! 



8 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. KEEP THE SHOES! It was difficult for me to start shelling out that kind of money on shoes, but man it makes a difference. Good for you for going and getting properly fitted. That’s the best advice anyone ever gave me. Your plan looks great! I’m excited to follow you as you go through the next 12 weeks!

  2. Definitely keep the shoes. Being cheap with shoes is never a good idea for running, it’s just setting yourself up for injury. I just ordered my race day shoes today and will be buying a second pair of training shoes in the very near future. What are your current shoes and how old are they?

  3. I think you should keep the shoes, too! It’s really worth it to have a pleasant running experience. If you’re worried about price, maybe see why they recommended those shoes for you (stability/neutral/over or under pronation) and find a less-expensive pair that accomplish the same thing?

  4. I can’t see what model of Saucony shoes you’ve bought but try searching for last year’s model. So for example, if they’re Saucony Guide 8’s – last year’s model is the Guide 7; the year before Guide 6 etc, etc. Or if you’ve got Kinvara 6’s, look for 5s, 4s … Old models are usually cheaper but as long as you keep to the same model name they will have the same characteristics. But definitely don’t skimp on running shoes, they are a big part of the protection between your joints and the ground.

    As for the training plan, I’m wondering how it helps you get out of bed? From what you’ve posted previously, time and motivation have been the issue not lack of know what to go and do.

  5. Agreed, keep the shoes. Yes the are pricey but it is soooo worth it. Your feet, knees, entire body will thank you. Good luck with the training plan! Life happens sometimes, but as long as you can shake it off and just keep on going you’ll be fine.

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