Week two of my marathon training was a complete success, so happy! My intervals fell a little short but I did complete my weekly miles since I did 12 miles for my long run! Yay!! Finally went over 10 miles!  

 I knew I had to run a little slower to be able to run over 10, but guess what! My last mile was one of the fastest of my 12. Even my virtual coach bump me up to a faster race goal. I’m getting excited! 

 Week three looks great! Looking  forward to my long run 😀 Monday:4 miles Tuesday:6 miles and my first time trying fartlek ha! that sounds funny Wednesday:4 miles Thursday:working all day again so it will be a day off, though I need to pack workout clothes just in case, since last Thursday I was able to go home early Friday:day off Saturday:12 miles Sunday:day off

The following week I have a race!  A little runcation to Virginia Beach for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon! It’s going to be awesome!  

So here is to another succesful training week! I leave you with an awesome article I found: if you run slow, who cares! 


10 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

      1. Thank you! I’m trying to modify the plan I am on now because I have had to take a week off due to injury. I’m not sure when I will be back at it yet 😦 My plan calls for up to 20 miles, too. I just hope I can get to it and still have time to taper.

  1. Great job! And thanks for the article share, that was exactly what I needed. I had a great long run this weekend but it was a bit slow. But maybe I shouldn’t care. re

  2. Good stuff Andrea – glad to see you banging out the sessions for back-to-back weeks.

    Have you thought about trying a run-walk strategy on your long training runs? Run for say 10-mins, walk for 2mins until you’ve covered the distance.

    Jeff Galloway is a huge advocate of it. I used it training for a half marathon when I was coming back from injury and with a couple of weeks to go before the race hadn’t run longer than 6-7 miles. The walk breaks just allow you to boost your training distance safely and quickly.

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