One more week down! Only 7 weeks to go OMG this is getting so real so quick, goosebumps!Last week was a quick one since I took an extra day off after running the Rock ’n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon. 5 miles on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday and 15 on Saturday. Yes, yes, yes, I run 15 miles on Saturday! And I did it in only 2 minutes more than it took me to run the half marathon the weekend before, so excited! By no means it was fast, but I completed it yay! And I didn’t die after it ha! 

  Weather really cooperated, it’s finally getting chilly! It actually rained for most of the run, but just tiny raindrops that were refreshing more than annoying. 
This week is looking easy, bet I just jinx myself there… Monday:4 miles, Tuesday:6 miles, Wednesday:7 “tempo” miles, Saturday:13 miles. To tell you the truth I don’t see the difference between intervals, tempo and fartlek. Sorry I don’t get it, so what I do is run a little faster and then walk for active rest. It’s working so far, I think LOL 

The one thing that I have not started doing yet is fueling while running. I do drink plenty of water and Gatorade, but I can’t “eat” anything. I hate GU. Just can’t deal with it, there is no flavor that I find tasty and I just hate the consistency of it, gross! I tried the performance Jelly Beans also, but then I just found myself not being able to chew them, they just sat in my mouth forever. What is your to go fueling? On races I will accept the half banana, the orange wedge, on my last half I was given an apple wedge, not very chewable either. But I guess I should train on this and see what works, rather than depending on what I get on the course, right? Preferably something salty, even Gatorade starts tasting gross after a while, I have to water it down or I feel all the sugar in my mouth and it doesn’t feel refreshing at all.

I leave you with this little funny “item” I found, need to get one and name it “Marathon” ;P 



12 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. Love the little Dammit Dolls! Fabulous idea!! You did so freaking good with your 15 miles!! Have you tried Shot Blocks? (I think it’s bloks). They’re big gummy-bear-like chews with energy. Maybe they’ll work for you better than the beans.

  2. I really like the Clif Shot Bloks. They’re a gummy consistency (and taste almost like gummy bears too). A little awkward to chew and run at first, but you will definitely get used to it. I really like the strawberry flavor, but they have a bunch to choose from!

  3. I agree with the above- try out shot blocks! Also, stinger waffles are delish but def gotta eat with a good amount of water esp during later miles. Sometimes I also bring orange slices with me! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Well done on your 15-miles this week. That’s a big improvement over your half marathon and should give you a bit more confidence that NYC will be achievable.

    Fartlek is unstructured intervals i.e. you speed up and slow down whenever you feel like it. Originally if a group of runners went out they would each take a turn leading the group and speed it up to their chosen pace for however long they wanted. It would be a mixture of speeds, durations and recoveries.

    Intervals are much more structured e.g. run 6x800m at 10Kpace with 2min jog recovery

    Tempo on the other hand is a continuous effort lasting a set distance or time.

    Doublecheck that 7miles because that is massive for all but an elite. I’m guessing it’s something more like 2mile warmup. 3mile at tempo pace, 2mile warmdown.

    Good luck!

  5. Awesome job!

    If you like honey, try the Honey Stingers gels. I’m not a fan of gels, but these taste and feel like you’re eating honey. I’ve also tried fruit snacks and Shot Bloks–they’re much easier to chew than the beans.

  6. Hugh is correct with his definitions, but don’t let the 7mi tempo worry you. Elites do 15-mile tempos, the rest of us do 10 or less. Be honest with yourself and pick a pace that is fast (you shouldn’t be able to talk well)..and it should hurt.
    Also, try adding Gu to your water (I do 80z + a shot of Gu (usually Jet Blackberry or Salted Caramel)) – it’s a new thing I started doing this year, and absolutely love it.

    1. Firstly thank-you for validating my definitions.

      That said, we’ll have to agree to disagree about the duration of tempo runs. For example, Jack Daniels and Greg McMillan, two of the best coaches in the world, suggest a tempo run should be 20-30mins long. An elite would only cover 7-miles at best on the longer of those runs. Daniels does give adjustments for longer runs out to an hour but these drop off from threshold pace down to marathon pace. I have however heard people refer to these hour runs as “tempo runs” so I can see where you’re coming from.

      The most important thing is that Andrea asks the person who wrote her plan what they expect her “tempo run” to be.

      1. “Agreed”, but do note that there are different types of tempo runs that generally vary by distance, and hence effort/pace. The Furmann Institute, among others, lists various types of tempo ranging from 3-milers to 10-milers. My comment about a 15-mi tempo run was specific to Josh Cox (Olympic Marathoner) where I watched him do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiSrdVK6l-0

        In fact, if you YouTube search “Josh Cox Tempo”, you’ll find many hits on others doing 16-mi tempos (Meb, Ryan, etc).
        I don’t want to digress from Andrea’s original question, so we can probably stop here 🙂 Thanks for the convo.

  7. Great work! I hate gus too. I think they taste like spoonfuls of frosting and I’m that person who likes to wipe the frosting off their cupcakes… I found I really like the PowerGel vanilla. So far it’s the only thing I can stand. It’s a little more liquidy of a texture which helps. Also Stinger waffles are great but a bit crumbly. Also my coach tells me to just suck it up. I might not love the gu or gel but in the long run it helps (no pun intended). So you should only be looking for tolerable not something you love.

  8. Huma is about the best tasting energy gel i’ve found, but it still requires so much water for me that I just can’t. Well done on your run, you’re getting close!

  9. You are thinking about fueling at a good time. Agreed, Gatorade is gross. Research and try what works for you. Chewing and running raises my heart-rate. I do 1/6 of a Clif Bar every 4-6 ,miles. weird, right? Good luck and keep up the great work!

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