Week seven is done and I did not run all the miles I was supposed to, shame on me. I totally made this week up! Monday I did one more mile than my schedule, I was feeling good! Tuesday for the Intervals, I fell one mile short. I went to the gym way too late. Wednesday I went to a concert and did not run. Thursday I worked all day so was not able to make up my Wednesday miles. Friday I could have run in the evening but I had an early run Saturday so I didn’t. I know I have so many excuses… Saturday I was ready to run my 18 miles, I was planning on checking out from the group run after 14 and then run 4 more on my own. But one of my coaches who had read my blog LOL told me that it was a good idea to postpone the 18 miles to next week, so I agreed. In a way I’m just postponing the inevitable, 18 miles scare me so much!

 But my 14 miles were ok. I had “fueling” for the first time Honey Stinger: cherry cola. They weren’t too gross, a bit sticky and with a weird chewable consistency, but edible.

This week is not bad, not bad until Saturday that is! Monday:3 miles, Tuesday:4 miles, Wednesday:5 miles, Saturday:18 miles!

The one thing that has me a little concerned is that I finally found the pace and time limit rules. There is this bus that follows the 15 minute mile pace limit (my pace) and if you fall behind the bus the traffic is opened and you have to move to the sidewalk to finish the race, you have until 7:30 pm to finish but running on the sidewalk. OH BOY! I can already see it! “Hey, I’m walking here, I’m walking here!”

I know I’m nowhere close to be ready for this race, but I honestly can wait for it! Only 33 days left! Have you seen this awesome video?

9 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. A couple extra rest days might actually help — especially if one involved a concert, which could be an extra mental recharge. See how it goes. (Who was the concert?)

  2. You will be much more prepared this Saturday for your 18 miles, and will have lots of us to run with! Focus on fueling this week – you need a lot more than you’ve been taking in. Saturday will be great!

  3. I love that video!!

    Great job on your 14-miler 🙂 If the Honey Stinger chews weren’t your thing, try the gels. I find the consistency to be a lot better than GU, and you don’t have to chew them. They’re hard to find where I live, so I stock up any time I see them.

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