The guilty one

Last week was a bit crazy. I only had one day of Intervals, 5 miles. Plus that day I also received some awful news, but that is something I don’t want to talk about. After what was a most horrible week I headed to NYC. See I had this plan in my head that instead of running 20 miles on Saturday I was going to run the Brooklyn Rock’n Roll Half Marathon Saturday and the Army Ten Miler on Sunday. Sounded like a good doable plan, well it was not!
Friday I picked up my number for the Army Ten Miler early morning and took the DC to NYC bus at noon. Got to the city and enjoyed a Broadway show, it was awesome! 

Early Saturday I headed to Brooklyn, I took the option to pick my number race day. It was a bit chaotic because apparently traffic was awful the day before so most people didn’t make it to the expo, plus all runners had to go thru metal detectors! No surprise the race started 40 minutes late.

 The spirits were high though and we all had a good race with lovely weather. Time wise I was doing great until we hit Prospect Park. When there is a sign that reads “I eat hills for breakfast” you know you are going to be in trouble. I walked some of the hills and that was a bummer.

 But I finished and got my medals, plural because I earned an extra medal for running 3 Rock’n Roll races in the area.

 My awesome friend Maria made me the coolest race sign!

After the race I saw a matinee Broadway show (same one, it was that good)

 and headed home early afternoon. I had a good night sleep between the bus ride home and once I got home, but the truth is that by race time on Sunday I was exhausted. Got to the race with perfect time ready to run, but my legs were not agreeing with me. I have to admit that I walked most of the 10 miler. I finished, yay me! but I was terribly disappointed. The race was amazing as always, I have done this one 5 years now and I’m definitely doing it again next year! 

So the lesson I learned is that running two races back to back is a terrible idea! Now I feel super nervous for the Marathon, if I wasn’t able to run 23 miles, will I be able to run 26! Definitely a bad idea that has me doubting everything now! I should have not done this! And of course I did not “consult” with anyone because I knew they will tell me not to do it ha!
But anyway too late to cry over it, so here we are, the last 3 weeks! I was supposed to run 3 miles Monday and Tuesday but I didn’t, oops. I have 4 schedule for today Wednesday and 10 on Saturday, here comes the taper.
Today I found this pic, it kinda cheered me a little…

5 thoughts on “The guilty one

  1. You still did them, you still finished (total awesomeness), and you’re going to finish the marathon too, no matter what. Don’t give in to the negative thoughts. Believe in yourself.

  2. Back to back races aren’t bad if the distances are short and there’s no travel. You had it rough. Hope you enjoyed rock n roll Brooklyn. It goes straight thru where I live.

  3. I think you need to give yourself some credit. Running 2 double figure races back-to-back is going to be tougher than one longer one (in my opinion) – I am sure you will kill it in NYC 🙂

  4. 23 miles broken up into a 13 mile and 10 mile run isn’t the same as 23 in one run so don’t even compare them (apples and oranges). You showed up for both and that’s really what counts. You got this! It’s time for tapering which means your body is as ready as it will be. Take some time to get yourself mentally prepared. FYI, bib numbers and starting corrals are now posted for the NYC marathon.

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