Twelve days left to the big date! Let me panic for a bit here…

Last week was bad, I skipped Monday and Tuesday 3 mile runs and made up for them on Wednesday running 6, not a bad 6 miles, but then again I think I’m too late to make up for lost runs correct? I was supposed to run 4 miles on Thursday but I worked all day so that didn’t happen.

Things got worst Saturday! I had a 10 mile run that morning with my group, my last group run of the training plan. But this awful lazy woman here did not go! I woke up too late to make it on time, it was cold and dark, so even though I was sad not to say goodbye to my training group, I just didn’t feel like going. I planned to run on my own later on, but you all know how that goes, yeap I did not leave the house. I had to work at 4 pm , so the day went by quick without running. Sunday morning I also worked but I did packed my running clothes and I did complete my 10 miles after work. And you know what! They were 10 awesome miles!

I started a bit slow, because I was a little tired after working on my feet all morning (and the night before) but little by little I picked up the pace. I’m so proud of myself, my fastest mile was mile 8! It was only a 10 miler but I was feeling pretty good after I finished, I have this marathon under control, ha! I needed this little boost of self-esteem.

I mean, training is done, this slow pace is what I have to work with…

Today this awesome video was published, perfect time for me to feel even more awesome. I love this song! And it inspires me: “too late for second guessing… It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap”

8 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. Stick with it! You’re almost there and you’d rather be proud of yourself for putting in the work than regret not doing enough! You’re in taper mode so enjoy the next 12 days! You’re almost there!!!

  2. Only 12 days until marathon! I am super jealous, I still have a ways to go and a lot more training to do!! Congrats on makin it to (almost) the end of your training plan, I’m sure you’ll do great when the day finally comes. Can’t wait to keep reading and hearing more about it 🙂

  3. Almost there! I can’t believe the race is coming up so quick. I think it’s safe to say your body is at where is at where it’s at. Now it’s time to mentally prep.

  4. Just about there! When race day comes, you will have fun. Having finished you will feel good about doing it, even if your body says you are crazy! The excitement of the big race and the crowds at the finish will help a lot.

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