Less than 4 days to NYC!

Is it too late to change my mind?Kidding! I’m ready to finish the NYC Marathon even if it kills me, how melodramatic ha!

Mom and sis have arrived from Spain to cheer me on race day. My fave cousin is also joining us from Ocean City, Maryland. I don’t think I can go to them and be like “you know what, I think I’m not running” Can you imagine! How embarrassing!

I was so positive an confident after my last long run and this past week has been a bit of a bummer. I had to work extra days, so I only did one 5 miler and then on Sunday I was racing. I run the Marine Corps 10K, better known as MCM10K. The extra M is for marathon, this is the 10 K that follows the Marine Corps Marathon. It is actually the last 6.2 miles of the marathon, so it is a pretty cool race. I have run this one 3 years plus this was my first and only marathon, so it has a pretty special spot in my heart. 

 Sunday’s race was not good at all, let say that if that was NYC they would have opened the traffic on me ha! Meaning that I was pretty slow, just to refresh your memory on NYC rules “if you don’t keep with the 15 minute mile limit pace, traffic will open and runners will need to move to the sidewalk to complete the race” One thing that I have noticed is that walkers bum me out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a walker myself, but I try not to walk until I can’t run anymore or I have to conquer a big hill ha!. But when I’m in the back of the pack and suddenly everyone is walking I don’t want to run anymore, I want to walk too. I’m not a fast walker so I slow my average pace way too much if I walk. This past Sunday I walked too soon and too long, though I have to admit that it also felt super awesome when I finally decided to start running again and I was passing all the walkers. A bit of a confidence booster.

Marathon day I will have to challenge myself to not start walking once I get behind. Also to start running again if for any reason I start walking. My “running” is so slow that there are people who walk faster than I can run. Honestly the only reason why I don’t power walk is because it hurts my tush muscle, what is it call? Power walkers are my hero.

I’ll try to get here before race day, I need to check up with you so that I’ll feel ashamed of not running until race day. With the family visiting it’s easy to skip my runs.

Also a huge favor to ask, I have signed up for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler Social Runner competition. I want to get pick so badly! If you have a minute send them a quick tweet putting a good word for me @CUCB ha ha!

7 thoughts on “Less than 4 days to NYC!

  1. Good luck and have fun!! Have you tried the Gallway run/walk method? It’s better to walk sooner and more often than you think. You don’t loose time and you don’t burn out. Might work for you? (Just don’t try it for the first time on race day!)

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