WOW time flies! I’ve been meaning to write this since November 1st ha! Because you know what is November 1st right? It is the day I finished the New York City Marathon! YAY! I can’t believe I made it, I was so worried, but I did it! I completed 26.2 miles!

Let me see if I can put everything down in words…

 I got to NYC Saturday afternoon and first thing I did was pick up my number! The expo was super exciting and since we only had 2 hours to closing time all the gear was 50% off, isn’t that awesome!  

I got a jacket, arm warmers and an ear band? (a headband that also covers your ears) I normally don’t buy anything from a race before I finish the race. I fill like I will jinx me if I do so. This is how I have no jacket from my first marathon ): Anyone out there holding onto an extra 2013 Marine Corps Marathon jacket? 

So anyway, after picking up my number, shopping, having an early dinner and watching the East Village Halloween parade, we headed to the hotel for an early night sleep. Mom and sis Silvia came from Spain and my cousin Barbara met us from Ocean City, MD. Of course I couldn’t sleep. I was too nervous!  

I had all my gear ready and woke up bright an early. I was supposed to take the 7:15 am ferry to Staten Island, but I took the wrong metro and made it to the ferry just as it was leaving. Because of this I missed my friend Maria that was also running the marathon, she was coming from Queens. Fortunately there was no issue for me to pick up the next ferry at 7:45, but it was kinda sad to have to travel all alone. 

After the ferry ride we board a bus, longest bus drive ever! It took us an hour to get to the start line, I actually fell asleep a bit there. Since I was not running until 11 am it was nice to have to wait in a warm bus.  

The start “village” as they call it was awesome! So much excitement in the air! Weather was excellent and I pretty much got rid of my layers before we started running. I think I felt a few rain drops, but that was magnificent compared to what we expected, all week long they were telling us that it was going to rain! I was so nervous, here is a funny confession: At the expo I was feeling overwhelmed, every runner picking up their number looked so in shape and ready to kill this race, I was so over my head compared to them. But at my corral I finally felt at ease, these were my people! Not that I’m judging, all of them were faster than me, but you know what I mean, my corral was not intimidating ha!

 This marathon is so top notch organized, we started right on time. First mile, like they tell you, one of the toughest since you are going uphill all the time. But it was nice to hit the mile marker still inside the bridge. Mile 2 was downhill yay! We didn’t see many spectators until we hit Brooklyn and there were tons of them! This long road had a church in every corner, so there was a band and/or chorus in every corner! It was awesome and that’s when I saw my family for the first time at mile 5.  

They were wearing “Spanglish” Team Andrea shirts and chanting my name, so embarrassing! But awesome at the same time! My sister read on the internet that they didn’t recommend you to write your name on your shirt because everyone was going to call your name and you couldn’t differentiate from strangers and your family. Sadly a bad recommendation, everyone else around me had their name written somewhere on them, so every “stranger” was cheering on them by name and not me ): I was wearing a crown for my family to spot me, so I heard some “Princess” and “Queen” directed to me, that was nice! But next time I’m writing my name! 

At mile 12 I think I had one of the greatest surprises ever! My favorite rock star showed up at the marathon course, thanks to Serena they had been following me on the app and there they were! Ryan Star!!! He started running with me, a little too fast I must add ha! Thankfully there was a water stop and my “rule” is to walk the water stops, just to take a breather and drink some water without splashing it all over me. When the water stop ended I continued on my way. How awesome was that! Ryan Star running with me! Thank you Serena! 

I saw my family again at mile 15, by then I was a little tired and on my 3rd bridge I think? Ouch! At mile 20-21 the police caught up with me “this is the NYC Police Department please move to the sidewalk we are going to open traffic soon” darn it! This is what I was dreading. Traffic was never opened, it took me another three miles to realize that they had to clean the roads before they opened traffic. I think I kinda gave up at mile 22 and walked most of it, but by mile 23 I was running, walking, running, it wasn’t that bad. Oh yes! I saw my family for the last time at mile 21 when I was trying to pass the cops ha! 

By the time I arrived to the final stretch it was dark, a little empty of spectators, but who cares I DID IT! With the excitement I didn’t take any pics of the finish line. There was an awesome volunteer who handed me my medal, she was jumping up and down and so excited! I went straight to her and she made me feel oh so special!

So I did it! What?! I still can’t believe it! I finished in 7 hours, my average pace was 16 minutes, nothing to be proud of, but I finished! And that is what counts!!!!

This was a quick post considering 7 hours of running ha! It is just not something that you can put down in words, you had to be there. So yes! I definitely recommend you to run the New York City Marathon, it is an amazing experience, even if there is no bananas left by the time you finish (inside joke)

Thank you to my cousin Barbara and my Mom for cheering on me all those 7 hours and especially thank you to my sister for being such an awesome marathon guide. Cuz and ma will have never made it out of the hotel if it wasn’t for her! Thank you to Ryan Star and Serena for showing up in Williamsburg, what an awesome treat! Thank you to all my friends cheering on me via text and social media. Big thanks to Maria who run it in 3:30 or so, can you imagine that! She is so amazing!

Will I do it again? Heck yes! But lets loose some 30 pounds first before we try it k? 


8 thoughts on “NYC MARATHON

  1. FANTASTIC JOB! In your recap you said 16 min/mile pace was nothing to be proud of…. YES, when you move your own body for 26.2 miles, IT ABSOLUTELY IS!!!! You did GREAT, and should be SO PROUD!!!! Wooohooo!

  2. Congrats on your NYC race! Every marathon completed is such an accomplishment. It sounds like it was fun one. NYC is on my list to run someday. I had no idea that the first mile was uphill. Good to know for the future. Such a unique race. Congrats again!

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