Jekyll & Hyde

I’m back! I love over sharing here, because as silly as it may seem, this little blog holds me accountable. I haven’t been here since December and truth be told I haven’t been doing good.

After the NYC Marathon I pretty much fell of the wagon. Over indulged during the holidays, gain weight, stopped running and failed miserably at the Disney Marathon.

After Disney I tried to get back on track. I lost the lottery for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. My favorite local race! So I signed up for the Potomac River Running Trainning Progam that included a race bib. This is when I noticed my Jekyll & Hyde problem ha! One week I do great and the next week I do awful. Can’t seem to stick to the plan, it’s up and down all the time!

I’m 2 weeks away from race day and I know I’m in trouble of being pulled out of the course. That will be devastating, but hey, I asked for it.

So I’m back to what worked before. Coming here and having something to talk about works. Because if I don’t write it means that I haven’t been doing good.

Don’t get me wrong, running shouldn’t be work. Running needs to be fun otherwise why do it! I’m still having fun. I just run the DC Rock’nRoll Half Marathon and it was a blast! I’ll tell you all about it soon. But I do want to stick to my training plan and get better!

So here I am! Let’s see if sticking to this blog throws Jekyll out of the picture… wait is he the bad guy? Or is it Hyde? Dude I can’t remember… 


2 thoughts on “Jekyll & Hyde

  1. Plans are tough, especially for all us amateurs with normal lives to manage! I think as long as you cover a good 80-85% of the race distance a couple of times in training then set out slow – you’ll be fine. Though if you want know for certain, speak to a professional!

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