DC Rock’nRoll Half Marathon

The DC Rock’nRoll Haf Marathon was my first ever half marathon back in 2012. You never forget your first! Now it’s tradition to run it, this year was my fifth year and I’m already registered for 2017!

Expo is always a bit hectic, since it is a Saturday morning race bib needs to be picked up Friday night after work. I always make  it there with barely time to pick my bib and register for the following year. This year I had to rush in an awesome purchase! Here you can see my fab “I run DC” shirt. Love it!   

 Saturday I made it to the start line with plenty of time. Weather is always crazy at this time of the year! One day it feels like Spring and the next day it snows. But we got super lucky this Saturday: no rain and nice cool weather. Perfect for running! 
 I love running thru the monuments. The course starts pretty flat, but then we go down to Rock Creek Park and obviously everything that goes down must come up!   It may not look so bad in this picture but believe me, that hill is painful! And this is at mile 6, so you still have over half way to go. I don’t remember this hill the first couple of years… I do remember always having to run thru Adams Morgan. The neighborhood is full of rolling hills, but the neighbors make up for it. There’s all type of booze here ha! Guinness, some other beer, Jameson, more whiskey, rum punch. If we had drink everything that was being offer we would have made it to the finish line quite drunk ha! 

Love all the awesome spectators that come to cheer on us! We need you!

Considering how poorly I trained I was happy to finish faster than I did last year! It was just 2 minutes faster and last year it rained the whole time, but hey! Felt nice 😜   And of course it’s not a Rock’nRoll Event without beer and concert! 
   Love this race and I 100% recommend it, so who is running it with me in 2017?!


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