Medal Monday: Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

I did it! Not gonna lie, the sweeper bus was close to me for the whole race! But not close enough to pick me up yay!
Saturday I went to the expo to pick up my bib and to complete my volunteer job. By volunteering I get guaranteed registration for next years race 😜. So while doing my volunteer work all the emails about Sunday’s weather started to arrive. 

They were calling for 50 mph wind for race morning, with a “feels like” weather of 30 degrees. I went to bed hoping they will get it wrong an planning on wearing ton of layers.   

  It was cold!!!!! Wind was only 25 mph I think I heard, but it was really cold! The wind was quite a challenge, sometimes pushing you back, sometimes pushing you sideways. But it was awesome when it was pushing you forward. I’m so fast! 

The course was lovely as always. Though thanks to Mother Nature we did not get to see many Cherry Blossoms  


 Because it was so cold there were not many cheering groups. The volunteers were amazing, because of the wind all signage was taken down and it was the amazing volunteers the ones letting you know at what mile you where. Thank you awesome volunteers!

Got to the finish line totally frozen! Got my medal and rushed home! 

 Another Cherry Blossom Ten Miler down in history! Still my favorite local race and hopefully next year I will crush it! Good thing about doing so badly this year is that I can only get better! 


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