Marathon Training in 20 weeks

Sounds scary but it ain’t that bad…

If you google Marathon Training you will find tons of “20 week” plans. Of course I’m telling this to myself only because I have been procrastinating and that is all I have left now! 20 weeks to the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Let’s put it this way, my running group is on week 11. Meaning I should be in week 11, but I have not been running! So I’m starting fresh this week and lucky me! I can just re-date the 20 weeks of the plan and still be on time for my marathon!

I’m not proud of the whole situation. I mean I should have committed! But hey! is not like I can trun back time. Just gotta suck it up from now on!

Week One, yeah!

I’ve been trying to eat better, no carbs for me. I have a new workout buddies and we’ve been walking and exercising. All I have left to do is run!

So I’m back on this blog to hold myself accountable, no post means no progress. So lets hope for plenty of posts…

If you are reading this I’m counting on you to be tough! Yell at me if I don’t post LOL


One thought on “Marathon Training in 20 weeks

  1. Very doable in the timeframe. But have a rethink on the carbs thing, unless you are overdoing them. No carbs equals no energy equals poor training. Balance is the thing.

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