Mid week check-in

Kinda right? Well truth be told is that I’m only here because tomorrow is group run! Meaning, I gotta get up at 5 am, be out the door by 5:40 the latest and join the group at 6 aM! Can you guess why I’m panicking? Yes, I’m afraid I’m not gonna wake up. So now that I told you I will feel guilty if I don’t get out of bed ha!

It’s been a good week, I’ve run twice and done 4 (counting today) dance fitness classes. My two runs were tiny so it’s not like I’m over doing it. I’m just trying to keep moving. Like always I have a plethora of training plans to work from. First priority is to follow my Group Run training plan, but I also have plugged my race info into the new Nike+Run Club and that is helping me as well. The Nike “coach” plan is very easy so it’s keeping me in high spirits, hopefully it will work come race day!

Gotta leave for my 4th “dance” class of the week. Will report back with “long run” experience!

Since I’m training for Disney I’m gonna get Disney inspired. Here is my motivation for today!


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