Week two recap

The good:

Finally went back to a Les Mills BODYPUMP class! Everything hurt oh so much for like 4 days 😜

Fun ZUMBA class Friday night, awesome way to start the long weekend!

Completed my 3 runs of the week, one of them at the boardwalk! Yay for holiday travel!

The bad:

My long run was only 3 miles, only half of what was scheduled. I’m in trouble already!

So week three needs to be dedicated to build my strength running. I have a really short training plan and I must really maximize it. Must train smart, but also must train hard.

My week three long run is supposed to be 10 miles, but I can’t go from 3 to 10. Let’s push for 5-6 and see how that goes.

Monday: 2 easy miles at the boardwalk Tuesday: ZUMBA and a meeting with a personal trainer (not looking forward to that though) Wednesday: rest day Thursday: 2 miles Friday: ZUMBA Saturday: long run Sunday: rest day

Hope I can make this happen! And by the way I need this shirt ha!


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