Maybe I overdid it, maybe it’s just an excuse…

Week Three has been another disappointing one.

I did so awesome until Friday! Friday night I was so tired that I decided to leave my long run for Sunday. Obviously that didn’t happen. Ahh!

Not sure how I’m going to get serious and commited! Only 17 weeks to my marathon and it is not looking pretty.

I have to just quit the whinning and get moving!

This week I’m not going to schedule anything but my long run! Saturday morning I must run 6 miles and there will be no excuses!!

I will still work out thru the week, but I will not skip a LONG RUN ever again! EVER!

For inspiration I’m going to think of all those amazing runners that registered for the Boston Marathon today!!! You got this!!! 

All those BQ runners are my HERO!


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