Must get Army Strong in 3 weeks!

I’ve been so worried about the WDW Marathon that I completely forgot the Army Ten Miler was coming much much sooner.

Yeap, I must be ready for that race come October 9th! Oh boy!

Talk about lacking time to get motivated. I finally completed my so called “long run”. I mean, it was only six miles and we are talking about six very slow miles. But I did it!

I’m exercising pretty frequently. I just need to add more running to my schedule and really keep up with my healthy eating and food journal.

My week was super fun in the “being active” part of it. Monday I did BODYCOMBAT not my favorite thing tho, feel kinda silly punching the air. Tuesday and Friday Zumba. Wednesday I run 3 miles and Saturday 6 miles. I think it was a pretty productive week.

This week is going to be pretty much the same. But I will try to run 7 miles on my long run. Let’s see how that goes.

The Army Ten Miler is one of my favorite local races. The first longer race I ever did and this will be my 6th year running it! I don’t have much time to get “ready” but then again I think I have run it in worst conditions ha! So I can’t wait to meet 40,000 of my running friends and invade the streets of Washington DC. All I really want is to finish! Hopefully when I finish I will still find those yummy chocolate muffins they always have.

Not gonna lie, I run because I love food!

Here’s a short Army Ten video:

Talking about videos, have you seen “From Fat to Finish Line” it’s a documentary now on Netflix that I just saw last night and it was so inspiring. All I want to do now is a Ragnar Race! It’s so amazing! I really hope that one day I can find a team as encouraging as the one in the movie. I shall start looking!


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