It’s the first day of Fall!

Can’t wait for perfect running weather! is telling me that Saturday morning, for my long run, we will be at nice and cool 65 degrees. I’m so excited! There’s nothing better then fresh breeze in your face and you feel like you can keep running and running. Let’s hope I’m not jinxing me! Need to complete at least 7 miles on Saturday.

My fall race calendar is pretty empty, but the reason for that is that marathon training trumps any race. Still I feel all anxious and so close to hit register every time I see a weekend race pop up. There are so many!

Hate that I was late to register for the MCM 10K. That one was almost tradition, at least until this year, it sold out before I could register!

But I must stick to my marathon training and not let fun races with cool medals tempt me, ha! Next year I am not running a marathon (well at least I say that now) so I will cramp my race calendar with all the fun races I let pass this year.

Hope you are also looking forward to pretty colored leafs on your running trail.

Happy Autumn to you!



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