Long run done!

Wow it almost didn’t happen…

I slept thru the alarm! When I finally woke up it was 7am. I’m supposed to meet my running group at 6:30 am so there was no point on trying to meet them so late. I went back to sleep a couple hours more ha!

I did lay in bed watching weird Saturday morning television for a while, but I’m glad to report that I made it out the door!  Yay me! Still slow but I did it!

I added some new songs to my running playlist and off I went. I did stop a couple times to take pictures, the trail was lovely! and I also walked a little. But all and all I did better than last week. There’s some hope!

Love running listening to music,getting lost in the songs while the miles go by. Although I have to admit that sometimes I just get lost in my own thoughts. The voices in my head have the most amusing conversations. Best therapy ever!

And it works even better with this beautiful view:

Luck Stone Quarry, Ashburn VA

Now I’m looking forward to my next long run. Eight miles next Saturday, last long run before the Army Ten Miler. Must be ready!

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