Another week, another week

Monday is here once again! How was last week? I guess I did ok

Monday BODYCOMBAT, this time I bought some weight gloves and I saw a big difference. No wimpy punches in the air, I had to be strong to keep up with those gloves. I also felt the difference the day after, good workout! Tuesday and Friday ZUMBA. Wednesday work all day (but at least I completed my 10K steps). My gym week got cut one day short because Thursday I went to a show, I love musicals. And Saturday my long run!

I’m loving going to gym so often. Those endorphins are keeping me happy.

Had to quote Elle Woods, ha!

I really wish I didn’t have to work my part time job over the week, I will add a day to my gym routine. I can always ask for the day off due to health issues right? I need to be healthier, therefore I need to go to the gym more often. Makes sense to me.

I’m looking forward to try new classes at the gym, like Barre or Aquafit. So much to do and so little time. Obviously I should also add some for miles to my weekly running. Can I just workout for a living? I love fitness instructors, but there is no way I could do their job! I’m such a fan of all of my instructors, they are all the best! They are always in the best mood, super energetic, super supportive and they always look like they are having a blast doing what they do! Love them!

When I started doing ZUMBA, way back in the day, I so wanted to be an instructor, but no way! I will just freeze in front of the class. So I rather dance like no one is watching at the back of the class ha! Here is one of my favorite ZUMBA songs. Enjoy!


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