60% chance of rain!

It’s going to be a wet long run tomorrow!

I have to do it! Can’t make any excuses…

I’ve done my fair share of rainy runs and they aren’t awful. I just have to beat my laziness and not use rain as an excuse to stay in bed tomorrow morning.

I also must prepare tonight so that I don’t have “issues” tomorrow morning.

Must leave my clothes ready tonight, with a few layers just in case it gets chilly. Must also take with me a change of clothes. Must waterproof my phone, Ziploc bag to the rescue. Must think happy thoughts, rain is my friend.

I really can’t see myself running for two hours in a treadmill. So I must embrace the rain and have fun in the puddles.

I found this cute chart on Pinterest

8 miles here I come! Can’t back down because of some water… 8 Mile, that reminds me of one of my to go running songs!

I’m pumped now! Gotta do it, gotta run! It’s just water…

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