Not ready for a countdown!

I completed my Disney room reservation a couple days ago and now I have a countdown to my marathon, so not ready for this! so no I’m at about 90 days! this is getting real.

I’m not feeling all that stressed out. I googled “what can you accomplish in 90 days?” because really, how else am I going to know what to do if I don’t google it. Apparently 90 days is a very important time period. Whatever you do today, you will see results in 90 days. The first 90 days are the most important when opening a new business or starting a new job. Funniest one, 90 day fiancĂ©. So I’m guessing that if you can be sure of “happily ever after” after 90 days, I may be able to be ready for a marathon? There is even a book about it ” 90 Days to you first marathon” by Daniel Alick. Has anyone read it?

I guess I just need to keep moving forward and stick to the training plan. If anything, what I am finding most challenging is my diet. I really want to drop some pounds before the marathon. Not doing anything drastic, just eating healthy choices and sticking to an accurate calorie count. I tend to over eat when I exercise. The good excuse of “I burnt 600 calories so I’m going to eat this chocolate” ha! For me what works to stay in track is logging everything I eat. But it is so tedious and boring. Plus every time I make a bad food choice I tend not to log it, as if those calories don’t count just because I didn’t add them.

Just read an article at Women’s Running that pretty much says that you can’t lose weight while training for a race, so I’m super bummed out. But who knows, I may be the exception to the rule. Well not really, but like I said before, I’m just going to be conscientious of what I eat and stick to healthy choices.

Truth be told is that I run because I love food!

But anyway, may be a chubby runner while crossing the finish line but I’ll be a happy runner. I’m going to Disney!



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