Mid week check in…

Because I really don’t want to exercise today!

Week has gone good so far. I was sore for two days for doing two classes Monday, but it was totally worth it. Today is the though day because I have to go to the “dreadmill”

At least there is a “cardio cinema” at my gym, so time goes by a little faster while watching a movie. I made the mistake to check the schedule and today they are showing The Addams Family, not really jumping of joy to go watch that one. But I know I will enjoy it anyway. At least it’s not a scary one, last week they were showing The Village and every time I startled I almost fell off the treadmill.
As boring as I find the treadmill I’m dying to have one of my own. I could just run whenever! Obviously that’s what I say now, it could also turn out to be a very expensive coat hanger.

Right now that is cold I think a better investment will be warm running clothes and all kind of bright gear to run outdoors. I have a safe neighborhood, I’ll be running around in circles at the same spots but beats the “dreadmill”. Now in summer time is a different story, I much rather be indoors with the nice AC. We will see how that goes…

Saturday will be my first long run without my training group. Training is done, since most are running this Sunday the Marine Corps Marathon and some are running the New York City Marathon next week. Best of luck to all of them!

I’m looking forward to sleeping in, rather than starting the training at 7am (not that I was ever on time LOL) but I’m also scared of sleeping in too much and not going out for my run! I really need to be careful, because I know I find it too easy to skip my long runs!! So I will come back here and this little blog will hold me accountable. Shame on me if I don’t post that I completed my long run come Saturday! 10 miles here I go!

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