Week 11 here we go!!

This week I only work two days and then I will be on vacation!! So obviously it is a little scary to plan for exercising while away from home.

This past week I completed my gym schedule to the T, including my 2 mile treadmill run. Where I failed was at my long run. I seem to be stuck at 8 miles. Plus I was slower than my previous 8 miler. I’m hoping that I was just tired from my long gym week, it was my first challenging week. It will get easier. Plus I made the mistake to start running too late and overdressing. I t got much hotter than I expected.

I was going to run those two miles I missed today Sunday. But the truth is that I needed a rest day. 

Week 11 has a lot less gym, but I’m hoping from some miles while visiting NYC! I’m specially looking forward to my long run in Central Park. And cheering and all the amazing runners at the NYC Marathon come Sunday.

Cant wait for vacation! It’s going to be two long work days. Plus running last minute errands at home, packing (what’s the weather gonna be like?) and getting crafty for hopefully inspiring NYC Marathon sign! Hope I have time for it all!

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