I’m a Marathoner


Remember when I said “I’ll wake up October first without training” well it happened!!!!! But I did it! I ran 26.2 miles! Well I really ran 20 miles and walked the last 6.2 ;P
I was determined to finish it, even if I had to crawl to the finish line. I wanted my medal and I was going to fight to get it. I had to keep a 14 minute mile, which for all the fast ones out there it’s probably a joke, but for this chubby short girl that’s quite an accomplishment. I know a few people that run and I don’t share my experiences with them because they always treat me like my “run” doesn’t count, just because I’m slower than them. So anyway…
A little before mile 15 I had reach the 14 minute mile limit and that’s when I first saw the official pace marker truck. If you are behind the truck you are in trouble! And my fight to stay in front of it started!
I had two time limits to conquer, had to pass mile 17.5 before 12:35 and mile 20 before 1:05. Mile 17.5 was the shortcut, I kinda wanted it to be open so I could take it ;P but I passed it with 20 minutes to spare. Which meant I had to push it to make it to mile 20!!!!! The pacer truck was there all along, it passed me, I passed it, it passed me and so on. At one point someone asked something to the marine in the truck and that’s when I yelled “we still have 30 minutes” he agreed and I yelled “then slow down!” 😀 This is when my fairy godmother turned into a marine, because if it wasn’t for him I would have never made it! He kept encouraging me, giving me time updates and pushing me to run faster. Love him!
When I saw the mile 20 marker I was so happy! There were tons of people cheering you on and a kid flipping around a sign that read “Beat the Bridge” Suddenly he tells me “they are right behind you” and my marine started screaming in a megaphone “you can do it, you can beat the bridge” I started running as fast as I could! I reached mile 20 and when I turned I saw the block, the bridge was closed and I truly believe I was the last one to go thru thanks to my amazing marine 😀 Thank you, thank you, thank you! I kept running after mile twenty because I saw a bunch of motorcycle police coming thru the bridge “heck no! they are not getting me off this bridge” I said to myself, but I was done! (I can’t take another step kind of “done”) A bit later I started walking. But I finished!!!!
What an amazing experience!
I want to thank my amazing fairy-godmother marine for pushing me to finish. You are the greatest! I also want to thank a lady from “BGR” cheering squad who gave me a bag of pretzels, best pretzels I have had in my entire life ;P I want to thank an older marine who gave me jelly beans telling me very sweetly “these will give you energy” I ate those beans like they were magical. I want to thank Ryan Star which song “I will survive” played in my iPod at the most needed moments, I swear. I want to thank everyone who cheered me on via social media (Jen thanks for the special post) I want to specially thank my cheering squad who waited for me 6 hours and 55 minutes 😀 mom and sis, who came all the way from Spain and Baba, love u guys!

Will I run it again?… maybe if I train for it next time. But I’m definitely signing up for the NYC Marathon lotto next year.
26.2 miles baby!!!!!!!


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