No more skipping!

Not doing very good this whole Juneathon thingamajig… yesterday it was National Running Day and I did not run, what an irony. Let’s say I had a very bad horrible awful day at work and although I knew running does help me cheer up (endorphins are awesome) I just could not get to do it. 

I kinda love that Juneathon is also a festival of excuses, but I hope not to have too many more of those. Just one right now (ha!) the weather is not cooperating, it’s been raining all week! Today, in this gloomy rainy night, I dragged my tush to the gym, to the dreaded treadmill and I run!! I did it!! 


I know running is not cross-training, but since I skipped two runs I’m behind on miles. Somehow I need to get to 20 miles by Sunday. Hoping to start running early again, night time is scary. I seriously thought I was skipping my run today as well.

Ok Juneathon! Let’s get it going on!


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