Oakley Mini 10K

My first race review, how do you do this? No idea! So I’m just gonna tell you my little adventure. 

I live outside DC and the race was in NYC… Just an overnight trip to get to the start line.

I parked my car at the metro, took the Silver Line to Chinatown, boarded my “panda bus” and slept about 4 hours before arriving to NYC. 

 I know, you should have a good night sleep before a race, but who can actually do that! I’m always too excited to sleep anyway! And I have done overnight trip to races plenty of times. At least 9 times, since last year I completed 9 races in NYC to qualify for guaranteed entry to the Marathon (and a volunteer job) I’ll tell you all about those on a future blog, maybe?

The Oakley Mini 10K is a just for ladies NYRR race and they are amazing at “running” races, so like always everything run super smoothly. NYRR races are awesome and of course NYRR volunteers are awesome! Because we all know there will be no race without volunteers, yay volunteers! 

 I arrived to Race Central some time before 7 am to pick up my number and shirt. I dropped my bag at the bag check-in and I headed to the start line. There with me were about 8 thousand lovely ladies in what turned out to be a very hot morning. To tell the truth, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The prior day had been awful humid and hot, so I was just preparing for the same. Weather cooperated just a bit and although it was super-hot, it could have been worst! The 10K goes thru Central Park, so the route was way hilly. Not my best pace, in between the heat and the hills I slowed down a lot more than I would have wanted to ): Thankfully I had lots of ladies running next to me to keep me motivated and awesome volunteers cheering us as we run up and down the hills. Not my best like I said, but I finished and got my medal! I love races with medals! 

 I had an awesome late breakfast and an awesome early dinner and back to DC at 7 pm. Super awesome fun day!


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