I did awesome on week one! I know I really had not much to do. Nothing super challenging here, but I did it! Did not skip a run, yay me! With so many set-backs I don’t see any improvement, but I’m trying not to let it get to me or I will feel like giving up rather than pushing harder. Wednesday I was exhausted, guess it’s normal considering I had run three days in a row after not running for a week. Good thing was that I felt rested by Saturday. I just wish I could have run longer and/or faster.  
Hoping this week goes much better. Week two here I come! Monday: 3 miles Tuesday: 6 miles (intervals) Wednesday: flex day or day off Thursday: 4 miles Friday: day off Saturday: 10 miles Sunday: day off  
I’m going to have to swap around Wednesday and Thursday since I have to work all day Thursday. Hopefully this is not a big deal, I guess I’ll find out once I log in the runs, oops!I was hoping it will be a little cooler after work to run outside, but that’s not the case ): so I need to get into my running clothes and head to the gym and the dreaded treadmill.


6 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. i hit the treadmill tonight as well, it was so hot outside. Glad to know I’m not the only one that seems to have to move their schedule all around just to get training in somewhere

  2. You come across as really hard on yourself. When you didn’t do any training – you beat yourself up. When you follow the plan as required – you beat yourself up for not seeing any improvement.

    Just enjoy the success of what you did last week and commit to doing your runs this week. There’s a finite amount of training anyone can fit into a block of weeks without breaking themselves. You can’t now make up for the time you lost in the past three months. It will be what it is.

  3. Nice blog, and great attitude.

    I followed a program this year for the first time: a 20 weeks program that fitted into my first spring/summer season, culminating in my first ultra-marathon you kindly acknowledged.

    I had nearly always run at the most every other day since taking up running over a decade ago, so running five days a week was really tough at the start.

    My legs did get used to it after a while though, and it did get to feel normal. Good luck…

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