So late to #MarathonMonday it’s Tuesday already! But not to worry, I’m not hiding because I didn’t complete my weekly training, I actually did awesome! It was just a very busy Monday for me. So I’m writing this Tuesday September 1st, only two months to the marathon! Gosh, I’m freaking out already…  
This past week I run 26 miles, which makes me happy since that’s a marathon right there, now I just need to put all those miles together, ha! My long run was 12 miles again, which I completed slowly but steady. It was a little more painful than my first 12 miles, hopefully it was just because of the heat. Can’t wait for fall to get here!  
This week I’m supposed to run 34, quite a big jump that I don’t think I will complete. Monday:4 miles Regular Run, Tuesday:7 miles Intervals, Wednesday:Day Off which come out handy since I’m working all day, Thursday:10 miles Pseudo Long Run that is not going to happen since I’m working all day, Friday:Day Off, Saturday:Day Off, Sunday:Race Half Marathon.  
Since I’m off Friday and Saturday I may split those 10 miles from Thursday between those two days, or who knows maybe I don’t need to work all day Wednesday and/or Thursday, so I will pack my running gear just in case. What I have learned throughout all this is to be flexible and not get stressed out if I can’t follow the schedule to the dot. As long as I’m trying my best things will work out.

Can’t wait for my long weekend and my Virginia Beach “runcation”, promise to tell you all about it.


7 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. Great running. Don’t get too stressed about sticking exactly to the schedule but I would recommend keeping one of those spare days as rest days rather than spreading the 10 miles between the two. You’d be better off doing say 7 on the Friday and resting Saturday. Whatever you do, enjoy it and keep smiling.

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING! I think the schedules can be tweaked to suit you without undoing all the hard work. You’re doing so well! I will look forward to your runcation details. I love VB.

  3. If you’re paying someone to build you a plan the last thing you should do is move workouts out around or tweak them. It’s usually ok to drop a session, do less or at a lower intensity on a workout day as that takes less toll on the body but increases of intensity, duration or days is a big no-no as plans are built to balance effort and recovery.

    Your Friday & Saturday look deliberately scheduled to give you two days rest which will allow you to carboload ready for the race. Working out on either day will take away from race performance.

    I would tentatively suggest (because I don’t know the bigger picture of what your coach has planned) that if you missed Thurs workout that you leave Friday/Sat as rest days and then do some extra miles on race day as warmup/down. But that also depends on how you’re approaching the race and what your expectations are for it.

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