Week six done! Six more to go! I’m half way there!This week was a bit different, a little of a surprise if you should say. First my tempo run on Tuesday was hard to accomplish.  

 This was the exercise and although I was not able to run at that pace 2 miles without stopping, I did finish at the allotted time. So what I did was four 1 mile repeats with probably a little longer than a 1 minute recovery ;P

Saturday for my long run I forgot my GPS watch, so I had to run with the Nike+ app on my phone. Since we are not allowed to wear headphones while on group runs I had no idea how fast or slow I was running. It was hot and humid and I was feeling so heavy. Since my phone was stashed away in my fueling belt I didn’t check it much. I honestly thought I was doing horribly, Virginia Beach horribly, but to my surprise I actually finished my 13 miles at a normal pace for me, yay! 

 The next two weeks are going to be weird. Because I’m following my NYC Marathon training I’m on a bit of a different schedule than my group. It hasn’t been a problem until now. See, the group is only running 14 miles this coming Saturday and I have to run 18. Then next week the group is running 20-22 and I’m going down to 14. I kinda wanna swap weekends, but wouldn’t that be contradictory to my “official training”. I guess I should talk to my coaches, the group coaches and the virtual coach. Too many training plans to follow LOL 

 You know what, I’m looking forward to this marathon, I know I will be finishing almost last, but I will be finishing and that is what counts!

5 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday

  1. Loving that positive attitude in the final paragraph. Someone will finish last but so what if it’s you. It’s about doing what you can and gaining a good sense of achievement for yourself.

    With regards to your next two weekends, talking to your coaches is exactly the right thing. I suspect it’s best to stick with your training plan as the shorter second week appears to be a ‘recovery week”. You’ve been building up mileage over the past 3-4 weeks so this is a planned drop in mileage before starting to build again.

    Your adjustment for the tempo looks a good decision. Am wondering what the bit at the bottom about “There is no cheating on …” says?

    Well done – training has been going great guns these past six weeks. Not long to go now!!

    1. Thanks! This is what it says “There is no cheating on tempo runs. Sometimes you can get your way through an interval workout even if you are not feeling great but there is no way to get through a tempo run when you are feeling off.”

  2. Nice job this week! I would probably flip my weeks if it were me, because I know I do better running with other people. In an ideal world, you follow your plan perfectly, but we live in the real world and there are lots of adjustments you can make that will still get you were you are ultimately trying to go. I’m not an expert, so check with your other coaches, but that is what I would do for me. 🙂

  3. Nice week!
    I too would flip my long runs… I think you are far enough out that it can’t hurt, but you have a coach to guide you so don’t take my word for it. Worst case scenario you just do an extra long warm up/cool down with your group this week and a halfway out and back next week? I’m sure you will figure it out. It’s hard hitting those 20+ mile runs alone, though!! I always make sure to have at least someone along for a good chunk of it!

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